About Us

Were passionate about grilling!

For Mark it was easy, he started off watching his father grill burgers and different recipes for family and he quickly became enamored with the way everyone loved his dads food. Grilling brought everyone together.

With that Mark started learning and started not only grilling on the daily but inviting more and more friends to enjoy his new past time with him. He thought grilling was not only a way to bring people together but it was a social mecca, a club, a way for people to grow and a hobby that calmed people down after a long day of grinding at the office.

Grill Insider was born out of Marks dream to bring his love of grilling to everyone out there helping them learn and find new recipes.


Grill seekers have made us one of the fastest growing Grill Tips, Recipes and guide sites today.

Whether your here to learn some recipes or buy a new product and just learn about other potential ones out there were here fore you!

Our Reviewers Promise

Writing and reviewing products must be done in such a way that emphasizes the true benefits and weaknesses of a product. We at Grill Insider strive to provide the best reviews we can by making sure we don't just give the positives and push products. With each product we are dedicated to also give its weaknesses to give you an accurate image of what it is your buying.

We also strive to review products that we have already used, this may be hard with the sheer level of products out there so we rely on some of our experts in the field to help us make the best recommendations on the web.

Affiliates - We do sometimes receive a commision from our recommendation, this commision helps support the site and keeps us producing great content for our readers.

Meet Our Team

Meet the staff that make us great.

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Mark Austin

Founder and Operations Manager

Mark Comes from a long line of family grillers. He is in his mid thirties and loves long walks on the beach, whiskey doubles and playing fetch with his dog Copernicus.

He doubles as a writer and operations manager of this here blog. He might be the person that wrote this bio...but you'll never know.

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Albert Thompson


Carlos helps bring all the visuals and guides together, he makes sure our site runs smooth and clean and the grilling continues!

Carlos has 2 children and hobbies include dungeons and dragons and golfing.

Our Writing Team

Meet the writers writers that make Grill Insider possible

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Elisha Metzger


Elisha is our pro writer who makes sure all our recipes and guides make sense.

She loves tackling articles and putting the best of the best we have to offer together.

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Arthur Thompson


Arthur is in charge of some of our more complex grill content and when we say complex we mean the best recipes and cooking guides we have to offer!


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