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Top 8 Best RV Grills Of 2023 [Propane, Gas, Tabletop]

Updated On November 3, 2022

RVing is one of those activities that can bring an entire family together and be remembered for a lifetime. Many would argue that an RV trip is not the same without a grill. There's something about being on the road and making good homemade food that ties the whole trip together. Choosing the wrong RV grill can be a nightmare, that's why we're here to help you make all the right choices.

Short on time? Here's a quick roundup of our top 3 picks and why you need them!
*Best Overall

Weber Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill, Titanium


A powerful grill capable of tackling anytype of food,affordable price and excellent reputation
*Most Aromatic

Coleman Roadtrip X-Cursion Propane Grill


A grill with an effective design and nice accessories, works great for rvs
*Best Spray/Liquid

Camco Stainless Steel Portable Propane Gas Grill, Convenient Size For Tailgating, Camping, RV, Picnicking, Home and Boats, Includes Storage Bag (125 Square Inches Of Cooking Surface) - 58145


A phenomenal grill that looks like a tank and cooks like one too!

1. Weber Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill

A name brand you can trust with the power you need

The Weber Q1000 is perfect for those looking for a propan burner with a kick.
Quick Summary
  • 205 Square feet of cooking service make this a keeper
  • 8,500 BTU's
  • Price: $

Weber Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill, Titanium

Our very first grill is ready for business, Weber, is a brand you'll see a few times on this top list.

It's a stainless steel counter grill, which I find essential in almost any propane grill I wind up getting.

Additionally, it helps that this burner can generate 8,500 BTUs (British thermal units) of heat, which will be more than sufficient to meet almost any RV owners needs. Though I do tend to prefer propane grills which have more than one burner, given the caliber of this specific burner, I do not believe this factor is going to be a problem.

Additionally, it has an unlimited control burner valve that provides you total control over the grilling experience. All you have to do is dial in the heat settings you need, and this grill will be ready to go.
  • Easy Ignition and setup with 8500 BTUS
  • Cast aluminum construction
  • Control burner lets you set any setting you like for grilling
  • Some customer issues with warranty

2. Coleman RoadTrip X Portable Gas Grill

A Specialist 360 Degree Cleaning Brush

The Coleman is made with a unique design with three separate brushes joined together, making cleaning super easy, effortless and quick
Quick Summary
  • 285 Square feet of cooking service make this a keeper
  • 20,000 BTU's
  • Price: $

Coleman Roadtrip X-Cursion Propane Grill

I would look at the Coleman Road Trip Portable Propane Grill X if you're looking for the very best portable grill for RVs around. Its excellent for picnicking, camping, and tailgating. Among its remarkable capabilities is that the 20,000 BTUs of heat it provides to its grilling surface, can spread out approximately 285 square inches.

I found it fast and straightforward to install; also, I managed to prepare the grill in only a couple of minutes. Additionally, I discovered that it folds up easily. It includes wheels along with a big handle that promotes simplicity in moving it around. Moreover, it has cast iron plates with ceramic coating as well as a detachable grease tray.

Another advantage of this grill is the fact that it includes independent control knobs. Two side tables are also included. You merely need to hook them up in the event you require extra prep space.

Additionally, there's a thick lid, which functions in preventing insects from penetrating. Finally, it comes with a 16-ounce propane cylinder (disposable), InstaStart technologies, which ensures matchless and effortless lighting, plus some built-in instrument holders.
  • Up to 20,000 BTU's
  • Instastart button does away with lighters
  • Easy setup
  • Durability of the paint can be low
3. Camco Portable Propane Gas Grill
The Grill that makes food taste amazing at a fair price

The Camco Portable propane is a great portable grill that has great rust free coating and materials making sure it will satisfy and keep cooking for years to come.
Quick Summary
  • 180 Inches of large cooking surface
  • 10,000 BTU
  • Price: $$

Camco Stainless Steel Portable Propane Gas Grill, Convenient Size For Tailgating, Camping, RV, Picnicking, Home and Boats, Includes Storage Bag (125 Square Inches Of Cooking Surface) - 58145

Delicious, tasty, and smoky, this BBQ is the life of the party. When away from home and your thinking of having some bbq you're covered with the ideal RV grill the Camco Olympian 5500.

It's made out of durable materials, such as stainless steel which ensures a corrosion-free and rust-free grill which also provides long-lasting use of this product with a warranty which we can count on.

Another thing that I enjoyed about the mobile gas grill is the fact that it fits perfectly for RV usage, and that is due to its lightweight structure, which makes it portable everywhere.

You'll also appreciate it's large cooking area reaching around 180 inches, allowing us to cook in larger batches compared to other versions.

More so, I love that this version provides simple connectors, permitting us to link it to our propane supply in moments.

Additionally, I like the Camco 57305 because it is made from top quality materials with a smart layout. You may use it as a tabletop outside grill or while connected to a rig.

There's also no assembly needed on the grill.

All in all, the Camco grill is among the very best RV grills in its class. It warrants another look if you're trying to find a dependable and durable grill which you could use for several years.
  • Durable anti corrosive build
  • Decent cooking size to BTU Ratio
  • Made with RVs in mind
  • Some have complained about a lack of instructions, but its pretty easy to use

4. Weber 54060001 Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill

One of the best propane grills on our list

The Weber Q 2200 is a grill that just keeps on kicking, its predecessor the 1000 is also a great choice but this one comes with the added benefit of more cooking surface
Quick Summary
  • 12,000 BTUs
  • stainless steel power burner
  • Price: $

Weber Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill , Gray

This Weber RV grill the Q2200 liquid propane grill comes from a pristine reputation from the Weber company who have always provided great grills and are known for it.

This grill does not have a lot of differences from the other Weber we have discussed however it does come together with 12,000 BTUs of stainless steel burner power so you should not have any problems getting the correct heater temperature you need to grill to perfection. To be honest, it may be a little bit overkill, but that's why the Weber comes with a limitless control burner valve for this version.

This grill comes with some large foldable side tables, and this makes sense since it provides excellent storage space for essential materials for grilling like your standard tongs or spices. Frankly, this addition may not seem like a huge deal by you will welcome it once you finally get down to grilling.

Overall this version is almost the same as the other Weber version, which is not a terrible thing; however, the only downside here is the grill may be pricey. If you're looking for a deal you best search somewhere else since with this grill you're going to get what you paid for.
  • 12,000 BTUs large cooking surface
  • a great stainless steel design make sure that it will last
  • comes with the great burner valve
  • the grill is a little bit pricey

5. Flame King RV Mounted Motorhome Gas Grill

The grill that was made for the RV

This grill comes with some extra excellent features and it comes with the added benefit that it was made distinctly for RVs
Quick Summary
  • 214 in.² of cooking surface
  • 10,000 BTUs
  • Price: $

Flame King - YSNHT500 RV Or Trailer Mounted BBQ - Motorhome Gas Grill - 214 Sq Inch Cooking Surface - Adjustable Flame Controller, Black

The flame King RV gas grill is a whole brand channel of grills that deliver portability and great convenience.

One of the great benefits of this gas grill is that it fits perfectly in an RV and does not occupy much space. It also comes complete with different components and accessories, including a fire control thermometer along with a grill deck. With these great items, the grill comes ready to use and abuse on your RV cookouts and picnics.

Additionally, this grill also includes a large cooking surface which lets you prepare bigger batches of barbecue meals and dishes. This 214 in.² Cooking surface enables you to save work and time. You can also use this grill as either a freestanding or a mountable grill which provides you with more choices.

Grillers will appreciate that the grill can be fastened closed securely because of its double locking lid. This version comes designed using a locking retainer which hooks and is attached on mounts.

Additionally, the grill comes complete with many attachments such as a mounting bracket which allows for simple mounting anywhere you choose.
  • made expressly for RVs so it comes with the great mounds
  • can be used as a freestanding real
  • strong BTUs for cooking
  • some reported the thermometer had issues

6. Pit Boss Grills 75275 Stainless Steel Two-Burner Portable Grill

Great for your everyday RV griller

This grill continues the pit boss tradition of great quality and excellence by bringing together good features with better materials
Quick Summary
  • 430 in.² of cooking surface
  • 10,000 BTUs
  • Price: $

Pit Boss Grills 75275 Stainless Steel Two-Burner Portable Grill

The pit boss grill is a name you don't usually hear about in grills; however, over the years they are starting to make white an impression.

The 75275 is a grill that can hold its own with a 430 stainless steel body and a lid construction that tops in at a 304 stainless steel grid. This thing is built to last.

The 10,000 BTUs it comes with are perfect for being able to cook almost everything and make sure you get the most out of the grill.

The grill comes with a portable design that includes folding legs and a latching hook for carrying it, which allows you to make this grill portable and efficient anywhere you go.

The push and turn ignition and thermometer allow you to keep an eye on the temperature of food inside and give you the ultimate cooking experience.

Overall this is one of the better options for grilling, and the price is right.
  • push and turn ignition and a thermometer
  • folding legs and latch hook
  • great stainless steel construction
  • a little pricey

7. Masterbuilt Stainless Steel TableTop Propane Gas Grill

Great for large picnics

A great alternative to the options we have listed this grill comes with the added benefit of a cheaper price tag and more features.
Quick Summary
  • A great choice for those budget hunters, 10,000 BTUs
  • 200 ft.² of cooking surface
  • Price: $

Masterbuilt SH19030819 Propane Tabletop Grill, 1 Burner, Stainless Steel

When you compare the best charcoal grill for RVs or any other grill for that matter, you need to have a look at the Smoke hollow 205.

Its strong stainless steel structure makes it a long-lasting and higher and pick. You'll never fail with this hollow version since they also provide good support and a good warranty.

Additionally what's great is that it's very lightweight and portable you can take it anywhere where your camping or tailgating or even a picnic.

It also has a very large cooking surface of up to 205 ft.². This makes it perfect for our weekend cookout with the family. I would also like to mention that it is made from very high-quality chrome-plated heating racks.

This grill can also be used for any outdoor occasion. It functions on a propane cylinder that you need to purchase separately. Additionally, this model can produce up to 10,000 BTUs for rapid and efficient cooking. It's also equipped with cushioned legs making storage and set up much simpler.

The grill also comes with some great easy to use front carry handles that make it simple for storage and movement.
  • great cooking surface with 205 ft.²
  • can produce up to 10,000 BTUs for rapid cooking
  • comes with some great front carry handles
  • a little pricey

8. Giantex Propane Tabletop Gas Grill

The feature packed grill option

The Giantex comes with a thermometer and multiple options and addons that make it a great grill
Quick Summary
  • Built in thermometer and easy to use quick start ignition
  • 20,000 btus
  • Price: $

Giantex Portable Gas Grill with 2 Burner, Max. 20,000 BTU total, Folding Legs, Built-in Thermometer, Travel Locks, Stainless Steel Tabletop Propane Gas Grill for Camping Picnic Cookout RV BBQ

Among the best RV grills around is the Giantex. It is created out of solid and compact materials. If your family enjoys cooking and picnicking, by the lake or at the campsite, you may need to consider this dependable grill that is packed with excellent features and functionality.

I find the Giantex impressive since it's not hard to prepare. You just have to invest under 10 minutes of time to set up, and its good to go.

You'll also appreciate this version includes two stainless steel burners, totaling a whopping 20,000 BTUs. This type of heating capability makes it a perfect BBQ grill which allows us cook longer and better.

If you're searching for a trusted grill, then you may love this tabletop grill which accompanies a two-burner system together with dedicated control knobs along with digital ignition. You will also enjoy the endless cooking options the grill can provide. It's far better than other mobile grills.

It's also quite portable it includes a comfortable carrying handle, folding legs and a locking cap, allowing for simple transfer from 1 spot to another.

This version can also be ideal in regards to cooking big meat cuts and utilizing manual grilling on the two-burner grill.

This item is mobile which means it weighs more than 25 pounds, you can take it everywhere and its small enough to keep in an car where space is at a premium.
  • Great construction including a cooking grate and functionality to work with a 20lb propane tank
  • Has two stainless stel burners that let it get up to 20,000 BTU
  • Build in thermometar and a quick start ignition!
  • Issues with durability of the thermometer

What makes a good grill great?

In this section were going to cover a lot of the basics of getting a great RV grill. Some of these basics include finding one that is the type that's right for you. Choosing the correct materials. And making sure the grill has all the features and functionality that you're looking for. We cover the majority of your questions in the FAQ and if something is an covered feel free to leave us a comment and will later added to the guide.

Why you need a RV grill

So you're thinking about buying an RV grill, and you're trying to figure out whether it's worth it. There are a considerable amount of advantages to having an RV grill and adding it to your Rick, and some would argue that the RVing experience is not the same without it.


You don't need to be concerned about adding too much weight to your rig using this grill since it's lightweight and compact. It doesn't weigh the same as conventional grills, and the weights allow it to be much more maneuverable than the traditional models.

Significantly less expensive

These grills cost a lot less than the traditional grill versions, which is thanks to the manufacturers making these as mobile as possible, which in turn reduce the price. Don't make the mistake of thinking just because their mobile and cheap they will break down on you, some of these grills are rated to last as long as your RV!


Because of their portable design, these grills can be taken to picnics, and other events with absolutely no power hook up, or electricity required all you need is your tank of gas this makes them multipurpose and not only useful for RVs.

Types Of RV Grills

Propane Grills: if you need to choose a grill for your RV we can pretty much and this section right here. Propane grills are by far the most common and the most portable RV grills available they beat all other competitors because of the fact that with a small tank of propane you can do the majority of your grilling with little to no issue. You will find almost all the major RV grill models out there are based on propane.

Electric grills: These are far less popular however they do have their place one of the best features of these is the fact that they can survive off your RVs battery and not need any propane. However this can also be a negative as too much drain on your RV battery can lead to problems of its own and a lot of people prefer the taste of a gas grill to an electric.

Charcoal grills: these grills are not chosen very often by RV goers unless they have a distinct love for that smoky flavor and they like to cook outdoors. For obvious reasons you cannot use a charcoal grill indoors and if you are going RVing to a cold area you may prefer to do all your cooking indoors rather than no outside in the blistering cold and set up your charcoal grill.


How many temperature control knobs do i need?

The majority of these grills will only come with one temperature control knob but there is a consideration of whether or not you're looking for one with two burners if it has two burners you have to look for to control knobs otherwise it could get a little annoying cooking at the same temperature for both different types of foods.

How much surface area do i really need?

A lot of the charcoal grills out there will not have a heating tray or holding space. You have to work out how much grill area you're going to want.

A lot of these mobile units are large enough to cook for a set of 2 to 4 people; however, some may cook for as many as six. You need to be aware of how many you're going to be serving.

Cooking a wholemeal on the great is going to require a lot more room than something smaller like grilling a few fish. This is why the larger the size, the more expensive the grill gets.

The typical cooking grade is going to maintain about 12 hamburger patties with the typical Patty being about 4" x 4" with enough space between them for good cooking.

A big take away here is looking for a grill that can maintain 100 in.² Cooking area per individual your cooking for.

What type of burners do I really need?

You should search for burners that are made from stainless steel or brass because aluminum will corrode easily and a cast-iron will also erode. Stainless with an 18 – aid evaluation or 304 grade is the very best for corrosion resistance.

To shield burners from Greece straining most propane grills are going to have metal deflectors between the toaster and grate this will also help to create a more even heats reducing hotspots on the grates.


The best type of great will help you hold the heat within the cooking area and run the heat directly to the food without any heat pockets which is also the best way to get those famous char marks.

There are three main types of grates

Cast-iron grates which are excellent for conducting and holding warmth but they will rust with no treatments from things like cooking spray. These are a decent option

Chrome and nickel plated grates. These are fitted with wiring which makes them very light weight and easier to move around however this comes as a negative as well since they do not heat up as easily as their stainless steel counterparts.

Stainless steel grates. These are great except for the fact that they do not conduct heats as well as the cast-iron version. However the ease of production of these have made them to go to choice for the majority of people.

Do I need a ignition feature?

In this day and age the majority of grills will now come with a spark ignition system however there are still some grills that come with only the ignition a whole which gives you a small hole in the side where you can stick a candlelight or or a barbecue lighter or even a long match.

Should I Get a Grill That Uses Natural Gas or Propane?

Almost all portable grills run on exclusively propane. This is because the hook up to a natural gas line would be very expensive.

What materials should I be looking for?

the materials of the grill can be extremely important while you don't want your grill to rust easily you also don't want to overspend and get bulky and heavy parts that you don't really need. The quality of materials here are essential because going to light and flimsy can lead to a terrible grill experience.

To test your grill you need to apply the basics in a few logical tasks to make sure it's fine. We would first recommend that you try moving the grill around to make sure that it securely fastened and doesn't have any loose pieces, we would also recommend you check for any sharp edges that can cut you. Another thing to check is the handle and you want to make sure that the grill can be held without issue.

Regarding materials it's similar to what we discussed with the grill grates. Aluminum material can eventually become discolored and rusted from barbecue heats and the thinner the material that's used the quicker it's going to look damaged. in comparison cast-iron material is extremely durable and it's heavier this would be the choice if pricing is an option. Finally as a last option we have enameled steel which does not rust but it is prone to chipping.

What transport options are available?

The transport features can really depend on what you want to use it for you need to ask yourself a few questions. Will the grill sit flat on my truck bed or in my car or does it have a stand at the end that will protrude. Is there some sort of travel casing that will make it easier to put within my car or RV without scratching surfaces. is there a lid or a latch to make it easier to carry. Does my model come with wheels..

How much fuel is enough?

Alot of these grills come with smaller propane tanks which are the perfect size for transport. There is an option to purchase a conversion kit to convert a 20 pound propane tank for those longer trips.

Are shelves important?

Shelves are not necessary but they can be great for added storage area while your cooking, these are more a preference and a nice to have than a need to have.

Assembly required?

Dont worry, most of these units come ready to go and wont require any specialized tools to assemble, some may just need assembly for the propane tank.

The End

The best RV grills are and will continue to be the focal point of great food on the go. Our guide has hopefully allowed you to learn a little bit more about what features and questions you need to ask to make sure you get the perfect product. if you see a model you like don't be shy click and get started on your grilling experience.
The best RV Grll Around

The best girll out there today for RVing is the weber q1000, one of the best grills out there with great BTU ratings and great square footage.

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