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Best Smokeless Grill of 2023

Updated On November 3, 2022

When a barbecue cookout gets ruined because of a sudden thunderstorm, having the best smokeless grill will give you a chance to cook up something good in the comforts of your own home - without having to worry about the smoke detector going off.

Smokeless grills do more than save a ruined BBQ, these indoor grills are great alternatives for those living in condos or apartments where using a propane or charcoal grill is not an option. While many smokeless grills are electric grills built for indoor use, you’ll find that the best smokeless grills, which we’ve listed below, can easily match the cooking of a traditional outdoor grill.

Our overall top pick for the best smokeless grill this year is the Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 Indoor Electric Grill.

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Short on time? Here's a quick roundup of our top 3 picks and why you need them!
*Best Overall

Ninja AG301 Foodi 5-in-1 Indoor Grill with Air Fry, Roast, Bake & Dehydrate, Black/Silver

5-in-1 Cooking Function
*Best Multipurpose

Panini Press by Cuisinart, Stainless Steel Griddler, Sandwich Maker & More, 5-IN-1, GR-4NP1

Reversible Cooking Plates
*Best for Large Serving

Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill with Adjustable Temperature Control to 450F, 118 sq. in. Surface Serves 6, Removable Nonstick Grate, Viewing Window, Stainless Steel

Large Grill Space

1. Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 Indoor Electric Grill

Best Overall

This multipurpose indoor electric grill has a ceramic nonstick grill plate. The digital control panel makes it easy to operate while the dishwasher safe components makes it easy to clean.
Quick Summary
  • Wattage: 1760
  • Dimensions: 17 inches (Length) x 14 inches (Width) x 11 inches (Height)
  • Grill Capacity: 10 inches x 10 inches
  • Non-stick Grill Grate: Yes
  • Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Ninja AG301 Foodi 5-in-1 Indoor Grill with Air Fry, Roast, Bake & Dehydrate, Black/Silver

The Ninja Foodi Indoor Electric Grill employs Cyclonic Grilling Technology that relies on high-density 500F air to circulate and cook the food inside the grill. It's a really useful kitchen appliance to have. The size of the unit is a bit large so you need a fair amount of counter space. However, the multiple functions would make it something you are likely to use often - for things more than just grilling.

This indoor electric grill features a 10 inch by 10-inch nonstick ceramic coated grill grate that could easily fit around 4 hamburgers or 2 regular sized steaks. The grill plate comes with a hinged grill hood and splatter shield which prevents smoke from escaping. Additionally, a 6-qt cooking pot is also included; the unit provides 5 different cooking functions (grill, air crisp, roast, bake, and dehydrate) which rely on a convection system integrated with a heated grill plate. All these components are dishwasher safe which makes cleaning very easy to do. 

Grilling with the Ninja Foodi Indoor Electric Grill is simple. The buttons on the digital control panel help you select the right cooking functions and adjust both time and temperature. You can cook 2 steaks in around 15 minutes and have it taste like something you grilled on a traditional charcoal grill. You’ll find actual frill marks and a charred flavor to your food. Overall, this smokeless grill from Ninja is a multipurpose kitchen appliance that you can definitely use in so many ways. 
  • 5-in-1 Cooking Function
  • Easy Cleaning with Dishwasher Safe Components
  • Easy to use Digital Control Panel
  • Large and Heavy Appliance
  • High temperature settings can cause smoke to escape
Product Review
"It's a very well designed and engineered indoor grill with the added benefits of the air frying that I love so much along with baking/roasting functions and dehydration."

2. Cuisinart 5-in-1 Griddler

Best Multipurpose

The Cuisinart 5-in-1 Griddler comes with a set of reversible grill and griddle plates. The design allows it to work as a grill, griddle, and panini press.
Quick Summary
  • Wattage: 1500
  • Dimensions: 13.50 inches (Length) x 11.50 inches (Width) x 7.12 inches (Height)
  • Grill Capacity: 11 inches x 9 inches 
  • Non-stick Grill Grate: Yes
  • Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Panini Press by Cuisinart, Stainless Steel Griddler, Sandwich Maker & More, 5-IN-1, GR-4NP1

This indoor grill from Cuisinart comes in 4 different models: the GR-4N, GR-5B, Deluxe, and Elite. The standard model, G4-4N is reviewed in this article. The main differences between these models are in size, plate type, wattage, and control display.

The Cuisinart 5-in-1 Griddler can function as a contact grill, panini press, full grill, full griddle, or half grill-half griddle because of the innovative design of the unit. The panini-style handle allows users to control the floating cover and set up different positions for different cooking styles. The pair of cooking plates are also reversible, with one end serving as the grill plate and the other end as a griddle.
These cooking plates are easy to remove and are also dishwasher safe. Cuisinart also provides the option of adding a set of waffle plates at an added cost.

The Griddler is made of durable material, with the exterior set in a brushed stainless steel housing. The handle has a matted rubber grip which makes it easy to hold. The front of the unit features a set of adjustable knobs to control cooking function and temperature. Higher models, such as the GR-5B and Elite versions, come with an LED display and different control knobs. (1)

The design of the grill is definitely noteworthy since it allows for compact placement of the unit. It is only 13.5 inches by 11.5 inches in dimensions but can provide an overall grill surface of 18 inches by 11 inches in a fully opened position. When not in use, it takes up less area. 
  • Reversible Cooking Plates
  • Compact Design for Half or Full Grill Use
  • Easy Cleaning with Dishwasher Safe Plates
  • Nonstick Surface on Griddle Plate is not Effective
  • Uneven Temperature Settings for Top and Lower Plates
  • Longer Cooking Time
Product Review
"I love that I have the option of using either the griddle or the grill plates."

3. Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill

Best for Large Servings

Set with a hinged grill hood, this large indoor grill can prepare up to 6 servings at a time. The hood has a viewing glass which allows you to see your food while it is being grilled.
Quick Summary
  • Wattage: 1200
  • Dimensions: 12.4 inches (Length) x 16.7 inches (Width) x 6.8 inches (Height)
  • Grill Capacity: 118 square inches
  • Non-stick Grill Grate: Yes
  • Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill with Adjustable Temperature Control to 450F, 118 sq. in. Surface Serves 6, Removable Nonstick Grate, Viewing Window, Stainless Steel

The large grill space that this Electric Indoor Searing Grill from Hamilton Beach is set with a hinged grill hood with viewing windows. This electric grill relies on a nonstick teflon grill plate that is perfect for searing at high temperatures. The grill plate offers one of the largest grill spaces in the market, fitting up to 4 large steaks. This grill is meant to cook up to 6 servings. Using the grill is also made easy with the single adjustable knob to control the temperature. A set of indicator lights at the top right corner of the unit helps you identify whether the grill is still preheating or is ready for grilling. At 450F, you can cook a 2-inch steak in under 10 minutes. 

The grill plate is detachable, along with the hood and drip tray for easy cleanup. These parts can also be used in the dishwasher. However, the grill hood may not fit in some dishwasher units. Nonetheless, cleaning the entire unit is still very easy to do. 

The grill hood has a plastic hinge which makes it feel less durable. However, the rest of the unit is finished with a clean black plastic and stainless steel housing which is easy to clean and also nice to look at. Hamilton Beach also provides a 1-year limited warranty on this unit.
  • Large Grill Space
  • Fast Cooking Time
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Short Power Chord
  • Large and Heavy Grill
Product Review
"The grill marks look great and meat is very juicy/tender in the middle. Heats up quickly too!"

4. George Foreman 2-Serving Classic Plate Electric Indoor Grill

Best Budget

This compact grill fits into small counter spaces and can easily be stored away when not in use. The dual heat grilling plates also make grilling 1-2 servings faster.
Quick Summary
  • Wattage: 760
  • Dimensions: 9.38 inches (Length) x 5.12 inches (Width) x 10.25 inches (Height)
  • Grill Capacity: 5.5 inches x 7 inches
  • Non-stick Grill Grate: Yes
  • Dishwasher Safe: Drip Tray only

George Foreman GR10B 2-Serving Classic Plate Electric Indoor Grill and Panini Press, Black

George Foreman Grills have made waves since 1994, with the 2 key design factors: the fat removing slope and 2-side grilling plates. This 2-Serving Classic Plate is a compact model made for those with tight counter space. The compact size makes it easy to store, quick to heat, and also easy to clean. 

However, only the drip tray is removable and dishwasher safe; the rest of the unit you will have to wipe down. Additionally. The grill features a slope which naturally allows grease and oil to run down into the drip tray.

The non-stick Teflon grill plates are durable and fixed. Both sides heat up, so you have quick grilling that sears both sides of your meal. The small grill space is built to cook up to 2 servings but the space is a tight fit for 2 hamburger patties so you’ll likely only be able to fit 1 steak on there. On the good side, these grills are known for their durability and long-lasting non-stick coating so you are likely to get prolonged use from this unit.
  • Compact Unit Size
  • Reliable Brand
  • Durable Material 
  • Fixed Grill Plate is More Difficult to Clean
  • No Adjustable Temperature Settings
Product Review
"Burgers, chicken, steak tips, ribeyes in minutes- cooked perfectly, delicious and cleans and stores in a snap!"

5. Aroma Housewares ASP-218B 3-in-1 Indoor Grill

Best Clean-Up

This compact grill fits into small counter spaces and can easily be stored away when not in use. The dual heat grilling plates also make grilling 1-2 servings faster.
Quick Summary
  • Wattage: 1200
  • Dimensions: 15.9 inches (Length) x 14.2 inches (Width) x 7.6 inches (Height)
  • Grill Capacity: 4 quart deep; 15 inch x 14 inch 
  • Non-stick Grill Grate: Yes
  • Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Aroma Housewares ASP-218B Grillet 4Qt. 3-in-1 Cool-Touch Electric Indoor Grill Portable, Dishwasher Safe, with Nonstick Pan & Tempered Glass Lid, Black

This multifunction Indoor Electric Grill from Aroma Housewares has 3 main components: The tempered glass lid, removable nonstick cooking pot, and grill plate combo, and the main body of the unit. All components are dishwasher friendly, making the whole thing extremely easy to clean. The compact size also makes it easy to fit all parts into a standard dishwasher. 

This grill features a deep grill design, enabling it to function as a grill, slow cooker, and hot pot. The cooking surface provides up to 4-quart capacity, with a full 15-inch x 14-inch grill plate. However, the deep grill design makes it difficult to flip things if you are using a spatula; it’s best to use forceps with this unit. Cooking with this is made easy with the single control knob which is set on the detachable power cord. You can easily select the grill temperature with this adjustable knob. For safety, the unit also has an automatic shut-off feature. 
  • Multifunctional Design 
  • Easy to Clean with Dishwasher Safe Components
  • Automatic Shut-Off Feature
  • Deep Grill Design not Optimal
  • No Heat Indicators
  • Glass Lid Does Not Seal Effectively
Product Review
"This single appliance did the work of a crock pot, an electric griddle, and a hot plate, while taking up no more space than any one of those."

6. Philips Smoke-less Indoor BBQ Grill

Best Technology

Made with a removable power cord and dishwasher safe components, the Aroma Housewares Indoor Grill is the easiest to clean up. All components are able to fit easily into a standard dishwasher.
Quick Summary
  • Wattage: 1660
  • Dimensions: 7.48 inches (Length) x 21.85 inches (Width) x 16.93 inches (Height)
  • Grill Capacity: 12 inches x 7 inches
  • Non-stick Grill Grate: Yes
  • Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Philips HD6371/94 Smoke-less Indoor Grill, Black

This modern indoor BBQ grill from Philips is part of the brand’s Avance Collection which includes a series of sleek kitchen appliances developed with new technologies. This Smoke-less Indoor Grill employs infrared light to heat up food. The design is actually quite innovative, with the infrared lights set beside the drip tray while reflectors redirect the light and heat onto the food. This provides even cooking at a consistent temperature.

This Grill retains a consistent heat of 446F, which is the temperature that the research team at Philips found to be optimal for searing meat. This preset heat makes using the grill quite easy since it only has a dual setting knob which you can set to either Grill or Keep Warm; each respectively meant for the named function. When turning the grill on, it heats up really quickly and at the high preset temperature, it’s best to keep the grill on an open counter space, away from kitchen appliances - especially those made of plastic.

Grilling is efficient with the quick heating feature. However, the bright infrared lights are seen through the grill plate, making it difficult to check on your food while you grill. The unit also comes with a warning that informs people to not look directly at the infrared lights. This can be difficult to do if you are standing directly in front of the grill. 

The entire unit has a premium build and efficient design which is made up of a removable aluminum grill plate and drip tray. These parts are both dishwashers safe. However, cooking high-fat meats make the unit prone to splatter so you’ll often find yourself wiping down the interior while the dishwasher cleans the removable components. (2)
  • High-end Technology
  • Fast Cooking 
  • Bright Infrared Light is Uncomfortable
  • No Indicators when Ready
Product Review
"It's easy to clean. It heats up quickly and is really simple to use."

7. Kitchen + Home Stove Top Smokeless Grill Indoor BBQ

Best Stove Top

Featuring new infrared technology and reflective mirrors used to heat the grill plates evenly, the Philips Smoke-less Indoor BBQ Grill is a trendy and modern kitchen appliance to have.
Quick Summary
  • Wattage: *Use on Electric or Gas Stove
  • Dimensions: 8.5 inches (Length) x 5.51 inches (Width) x 5.39 inches (Height)
  • Grill Capacity: 10 inches Diameter (Round Grill) 
  • Non-stick Grill Grate: Yes
  • Dishwasher Safe: No

Kitchen + Home Stove Top Smokeless Grill Indoor Korean BBQ Grill Pan,- Stainless Steel with Double Coated NonStick Surface with Bonus Stove Top Gas Range Burner Liners

A stove top grill is a convenient thing to have in your kitchen. Unlike electric grills, this Stove Top Indoor Grill from Kitchen + Home does not need to be plugged in and can be used directly on top of a gas or electric stove. It is also easy to store; you can store it along with other pots and pans. 

The stainless metal grill features an inner ring and integrated drip tray which not all stove top grills have. The grill takes a while to heat and is best for grilling thinner slices of meat since large and thick slabs will take some time to grill. Before grilling, you also need to preheat the grill at medium heat; you can tell that it is ready when the grill starts to sizzle when you sprinkle a few water droplets. 

The material used feels sturdy and durable. Because of the simple design, stove top grills are likely to last longer than most electric grills when stored properly. The grill is not dishwasher safe but is still easy to clean  by wiping it down and handwashing the grill plate. Oiling the grill before you start preheating it will also make the cleaning process easier.
  • Sturdy and Durable Stainless Material
  • Easy to Store
  • Built-in Drip Tray
  • Slower Cooking Time
  • Uneven Cooking
  • Requires a Stove
Product Review
"This product actually GRILLS, rather than steams, with the fat running down into the liquid ring."

8. PowerXL Smokeless Grill

Best Indoor Grill

This Stove Top Smokeless Grill from Kitchen + Home makes it easy to convert an electric or gas stove into a Barbecue grill. 
Quick Summary
  • Wattage: 1500
  • Dimensions: 19.7 inches (Length) x 11.4 inches (Width) x 5.1 inches (Height)
  • Grill Capacity: 13.5 inches x 8 inches
  • Non-stick Grill Grate: Yes
  • Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Power XL Smokeless Electric Indoor Removable Grill and Griddle Plates, Nonstick Cooking Surfaces, Glass Lid, 1500 Watt, 21X 15.4X 8.1, black

This Smokeless Grill from PowerXL has a built-in smoke extractor fan which ensures smokeless grilling. The smoke extractor is integrated into the base component of this unit. Other components include the tempered glass lid, non-stick interchangeable grill and griddle plate, a heating component, drip tray, and water tray. The grill and drip tray are removable and dishwasher safe; the unit is generally easy to clean, save for some splatter prone areas at the side that need to be wiped down after each use to prevent grease build-up.

The grill is a large 13.5 by 8-inch plate with a nonstick ceramic surface. Quickly heating up to 450F, it can grill up to 4 large pieces of steak in 10-15 minutes time. The water tray can be used to add in liquids and herbs meant to infuse more flavor into the grilled meats. The grill also has a regulated LED temperature control panel that has an intuitive control system. There are 3 different models for this unit: GR-200, GR-200-5M and GR-1200; the first and last models being 1200 watts instead of 1500 watts. 
  • Integrated Smoke Extractor Fan
  • Large Nonstick Grill Surface 
  • LED Temperature Control Panel
  • Short Power Cord
  • Slow Preheating Time
Product Review
"There is a nice crispy char to the meat as liquids fall through to the water tray. I like to grill and this product is great for grilling in-doors."

9. Delonghi BG24 Perfecto Indoor Grill

Best Value

The built-in smoke extractor fan in the PowerXL Smokeless Grill is made for indoor use. It also has Teflon non-stick grill plate, effective drip tray, and water tray.
Quick Summary
  • Wattage: 1500
  • Dimensions: 19.7 inches (Length) x 13.2 inches (Width) x 6.7 inches (Height)
  • Grill Capacity: 16 inches x 11 inches
  • Non-stick Grill Grate: Yes
  • Dishwasher Safe: Yes

De'Longhi Perfecto Indoor Grill with Lid

The Perfecto Indoor Grill is an affordable smokeless grill fitted with the standard features you’ll need for easy in-home, smoke-free grilling. The heating component is embedded under the grill plate so it is able to heat the plate evenly. The grill is also able to heat up quickly, minimizing preheating time. Cleaning up, however, can take some time since the grill plate is attached to the power output. The only components that are dishwasher safe are the drip tray and a glass lid.

The grill is relatively easy to use since it only has a single adjustable knob used to control grill temperature. You can also set the grill to a keep warm setting which is actually hot enough to reheat a few dishes. The tight seal lid is durable and capable of keeping the heat in quite well. The lid, however, is set low so it doesn’t close when grilling thick pieces of meat.

While a few other grills in this list offer a similar design and build, this Indoor Grill from Delonghi is a competitive unit because of its overall quality. It is a reliable grill made with high-quality materials that feel durable and long-lasting. This grill is also at a fairly low price point for the features it offers. 
  • Quick Heating and Fast Cooking
  • Affordable Cost
  • Tight Seal Glass Lid
  • Drip Tray is Aluminum (not nonstick)
  • Shallow Lid Design
  • Fixed Grill Plate
Product Review
"I love this portable grill. It worked great for my family's korean BBQ nights."

10. IWATANI Smokeless Korean Barbecue Grill

Best Propane Grill

The Iwatani Smokeless Korean Barbecue Grill relies on a propane fuel source. It’s a good alternative against the many electric grill options.
Quick Summary
  • Wattage: Uses Propane Gas
  • Dimensions: 278mm (Length) x 303mm (Width) x 149mm (Height)
  • Grill Capacity: 233mm Diameter
  • Non-stick Grill Grate: Yes
  • Dishwasher Safe: NA

Iwatani Smokeless Korean Barbecue Grill YAKIMARU CB-SLG-1

Iwatani is a popular Japanese brand. Their Smokeless Korean Barbecue Grill relies on propane canisters as a fuel source. The build is similar to most portable propane gas stoves with a grill plate in place of the usual stove top. The grill is an aluminum die-cast plate that is a removable piece sitting on top of a drip tray and burner. Taking out the grill is easily done with a thin rod or utensil used to lift the plate. The main body of the grill is made of durable steel.

Using this grill involves placing a propane canister into the side compartment, making sure that it clips in securely before igniting the burner. Turning the knob ignites the piezoelectric ignition system, which is also attached to a pressure-sensitive safety clip. The grill takes a few minutes to heat up. Even when grilling, heat is still kept between 210-250 degrees Celsius. The low heat makes grilling take longer than on other grills but also minimizes smoke. As a simple propane grill, this unit is not completely smokeless. (3)

The grill plate can be removed and cleaned in a dishwasher but is best scrubbed and washed by hand to prevent the nonstick coating from wearing off. Accordingly, the drip tray can be taken out after removing the grill plate. Since the plate features a solid center and grates towards the edges directly above the drip tray, there is minimal oil or grease splatter. The tray is able to efficiently catch and grease drip off.
  • Compact and Portable Design
  • Removable Grill Plate and Drip Tray
  • Effective Drip Tray Placement
  • Not Completely Smokeless
  • Not Dishwasher Safe
Product Review
"Does the job with minimal smoke. Easy to clean and so far very durable."

11. Chefman Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill

Best for Safety

The Auto Shut-off feature of the Chefman Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill is an effective safety measure that prevents overheating. 
Quick Summary
  • Wattage: 1120 
  • Dimensions: 20.8 inches (Length) x 10.2 inches (Width) x 3.5 inches (Height)
  • Grill Capacity: 150 square inch (9 inch x 13.5 inch)
  • Non-stick Grill Grate: Yes
  • Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Chefman Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill w/Non-Stick Cooking Surface & Adjustable Temperature Knob from Warm to Sear for Customized BBQing, Dishwasher Safe Removable Water Tray, Black

One of the largest smokeless grills is this unit from Chefman. It features a 150 square inch grill plate with parallel slats that allow the oil to drip down into a collecting drip tray. The plate can cook up to 4 large pieces of steak and a few skewers at the same time. The Chefman Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill has dishwasher safe components and a temperature control knob that can set grilling temperatures from warm to searing. However, users are not able to tell exactly how hot the grill is at a certain time. Auto shut off feature prevents possible overheating and is one of the many safety features integrated into this grill. Another advanced safety feature is the cool touch design of the handles. 

Despite the large size, it releases minimal smoke during grilling. If the water tray is filled up, the grill is able to be completely smokeless.  Another way to minimize smoke is to keep the temperature at a low to medium heat. Keeping temperatures too low will slacken the grilling process. The grill does heat up quickly and can retain up to 450F to properly cook a thick piece of meat. 
  • Large Grill Space
  • Quick Heating 
  • Safety Features 
  • Takes Up Large Space
  • Drip Tray is Hard to Clean (Not Nonstick)
Product Review
"It is very easy to usen. Chicken breast, burgers, salmon, vegetables and bacon with little to no smoke."
The right grill depends on what you are really looking for; but no matter which one you choose, it’s important that you know how to clean and maintain your grill so it will last longer. If you’re still unsure whether the grills above are the right ones for you, check out this guide:

Things To Consider Before Buying A Smokeless Grill

Before purchasing a smokeless grill, there are certain things that have to be considered. While most smokeless grills are electric grills, there are still different types - stove top or propane grills. In order to determine the type of smokeless grill that is best for you, these are the factors you need to consider.


Product Dimensions

Knowing the actual size of the grill will help you know whether it would be the right fit for your intended space. Something else you need to keep in mind is that these grills should be placed in an open area, not touching other appliances for safety reasons. Some smokeless grills may have the right features but will end up taking your entire countertop.

Grill Capacity

There are some grills that have a grill plate that takes up the entire top surface while others have a smaller grill plate-to-body ratio. This is what you need to look at when you consider the number of people you will usually be grilling for. If you live alone but want to use your grill to entertain guests, you might want to opt for a slightly bigger grill.

Power Source


Most indoor grills rely on an electric source to minimize smoke. Electric grills are usually more convenient since you will no longer need to purchase gas canisters; you just need to plug it in like most home appliances.


One advantage of using a grill that uses gas is that it is usually more portable. Having a small propane grill is great if you plan to use it when you go camping. Another alternative is to use stove top grills which can turn your electric or gas stove into a barbecue grill.

Ease of Use

Temperature Control

Some grills have preset temperature settings while others allow users to have more control over the heat. The advantage of preset temperatures is that it minimizes the hassle of having to find the right temperature. On the other hand, having adjustable temperature options will decrease the likelihood of overcooked or undercooked food.


Having dishwasher safe parts might be a requirement you should set if you don’t want a lengthy cleanup process. Most grills have dishwasher safe components but will still need some manual washing. In addition, getting non-stick grill plates and drip trays will make cleaning a lot easier as well.
Our Top Pick Again

1. Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 Indoor Electric Grill
Best Overall

This Indoor Electric Grill is a multi-purpose kitchen appliance with grilling, frying, roasting, baking, and dehydrating functionality. It has an intuitive digital control panel, large nonstick grill plate, and easy to clean dishwasher safe components. 
In the end, the best smokeless grill will depend on how you plan to use it. If you want to prepare quick and easy grilled recipes for yourself, the George Foreman 2-Serving Classic Plate Electric Indoor Grill is a good option for small servings. If you need something that is perfect for a family gathering, the Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill can serve up to 6 people. The grills listed above are some of the best in the market. 


(1) LED -
(2) aluminum -
(3) propane -

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