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How Do You Keep a Grill Cover On

Updated On August 20, 2021

Keeping a grill cover firmly on your grill to protect it from the elements can sometimes be tricky.

There's nothing more frustrating than seeing your favorite grill exposed to the elements because of a blown off grill cover that wouldn't stay in place. Imagine waking up in the morning and seeing your expensive backyard grill drenched in rain. What's more frustrating is that you were the one that covered your grill with a grill cover that is supposed to protect your prized bbq grill.

If your reading this article you already made the first mistake and chose the wrong sized grill cover. 

Grill covers that get blown off from the grill that they're supposed to be covering can be costly, especially if it's a grill that's worth thousands of dollars. Why are some covers more secure than others? Let's find out how you can keep a grill cover on and make it stay that way - as it's supposed to.  

How do you keep a grill cover on
While it may not look so aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, this method will get the job done. Tying a rope or a nylon cord around your grill will prevent your grill cover from being blown away by strong winds. Just try to find a long rope or if there's none you can tie two shorter ropes together to be able to wrap it around your grill. The trick is to tie the rope around the grill's lid area which secures the cover even from strong winds. 

Tucking the Cover Grill Under the Lid

This method is one of the most simple yet very effective ways of securing your grill cover on your gas grill or any type of grill. This is especially true for grills that have lids that will act as a support for the grill cover when tucking it under. 

If the grill cover is too small, there won't be any fabric or cover material that you can tuck underneath the lid. If it's too large, it can get loose and slip and be blown off by the wind. So if you have the right grill cover size and a grill that has a lid with a small space between it and the grill's body, then this could work for you. 

Using a Clamp or Gust Guard

Using a Clamp or Gust Guard
You may have seen it on one of those Facebook Ads where a car cover is made secure by a clamp or gust guard. On their website, it says that the gust guard was developed by a retired automotive engineer. It seemed he got tired of replacing his neighbor's car covers after each storm. (1)

While your grill certainly does not resemble any car model, the concept is fairly similar. The cover grill can be clamped underneath and secured with a bungee cord from end to end. This will ensure that the grill cover will stay in place and secured by the clamp on both sides.  It's another simple yet very effective way on keeping a grill cover on. Note that some of the more pricier covers have this same feature using a hook or buckled straps which basically does the same thing as the gust guard. 

A Magnet to Keep the Cover Grill in Place

Grill covers are usually made of polyester or vinyl materials that are meant to be water-proof and weather-resistant. But this doesn't ensure that they will be in place when strong winds start to ram your grill. Another good way to secure your grill cover is by placing a magnet on top of your grill securing the cover in the process. This is only possible if the grill covers that are used are made of thin fabric or the magnet will not be able to work. Most grills are made of sheet metals and magnets will strongly attach to it. (2, 3)

Weights to Keep the Cover Grill Secure

Another simple way to make sure that grill covers stay in place to prevent dirt and debris from getting into your barbecue grill is by weights. Grill covers especially when they do not perfectly fit your grill will tend to get loose and easily blown away. 

Summing Up

There are quite a few ways to keep a grill cover on. You have to make sure that you use the way that's best for your situation and a particular product. Also, you have to make sure that you have a large enough grill cover and that it fits before you can really do anything. A grill cover is a great way to keep your grill from rusting or taking on any damage this summer. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions and happy grilling!

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