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How to Clean George Foreman Grill

Updated On August 20, 2021

Using a George foreman grill is easy, but maintaining it can be tricky. Many people ask "What is the easiest way to clean a George Foreman grill?"  Well, if you know what you are doing, cleaning the grill can be a piece of cake!

If you know the right method, cleaning your foreman grill is safe and straightforward!

In this article, we will take a look at:

  • 4 Ways to Clean a George Foreman Grill
  • A few George Foreman Grill cleaning tips

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The method of cleaning a George Foreman Grill varies according to the type of foreman grill you have. George Foreman's Grills with removable plates, grills with non-removable plates, indoor/outdoor grills, and interchangeable plates, the way of cleaning each is distinct. In this section, we will discuss the method of cleaning all four types of George Foreman Grill. Let's get started!
How to Clean George Foreman Grill

Cleaning a George Foreman Grill with Non-Removable Plates

Method 1

After you are done using the grill, unplug the grill from its power source. Ensure that the grill is still hot. Wrap the non-metal tongs of the grill with some sheets of damp paper towels. Use the wet paper towels to gently wipe the tongs. Clean off any noticeable grime and residue.

Begin wiping the grill plates using the paper towel and wipe any grime or debris you see while the grill is still hot. Get between the ridges too. Be mindful of the heat, and do not burn your hands in the process of cleaning the grill. Once you are done. Wait for the grill to cool down a little. You can enjoy your grilled meal in the meantime!

Once the grill has been cooled down, use a damp sponge and some soapy water to clean the insides of the grill. Since you already got rid of the grime and residue, this step wouldn't require much extra work. Take a look at the edges of the grill and wipe any leftover swelled drips you see. Once you are done, use another damp paper towel and wipe the insides of the grill again. This will ensure the removal of concentrated soap if any lumps are present.

Now, use a wet sponge or a paper towel to clean the grill from the outside. Finally, use a dry paper towel to dry the Foreman Grill. If needed, you can also clean the drip tray by hands using some soapy water and rinse the tray entirely. Moreover, if you want to give it some extra cleaning, you can also place the grill inside the dishwasher after the food residue has been wiped off.

Here's a tip, you can apply some vegetable oil or melted butter onto the surface of the plates before beginning to cook on the grill. This will provide your George foreman with a protective layer to prevent debris and grime from accumulating on it in the future.

Method 2

After you are done cooking on the grill, unplug it, and allow the grill to cool down just a little. Make sure that the temperature of the grill is somewhere between too hot and entirely cold. For this method to work, you need the grill to be warm.

Next, get three damp paper towels and place them on the bottom plate. Then close the lid of the grill. The collaboration of water and steam will loosen the grip of the grime and residual food. Give the grill some time to cool down.

Once the grill has cooled down, clean it using soapy water and a wet sponge. Clean the surfaces of the plates gently and get between the ridges to get rid of residual food. Rinse the grill with freshwater or place it inside the dishwasher, whatever suits you. Use soft paper towels to dry it after you are done.

Method 3

The last method is more of a protective step to make the cleaning process simple. For this, you need to provide your George foreman grill with some defensive layers, preferably of aluminum foil. Gather the roll of aluminum foil from the kitchen and tear off a large piece of it. (1)

Place the piece over the top plate and the bottom plate to prevent dripping and accumulation of grime on the surfaces of the dishes. When the grill is cold, remove the foil and wipe any noticeable dirt off of the plates. Use a wet sponge to clean off the debris.

Cleaning a George Foreman Grill with Removable Plates

Certain kinds of best George Foreman grill come with removable plates. You can easily pull out the dishes from the grill if you wish to clean them. This makes cleaning the plates considerably more effortless, a privilege that is absent when you are using a grill with non-removable plates.

To clean such an advanced George foreman grill, firstly, remove the plates from the grill and submerged them in warm soapy water. You could fill two containers with soapy water and doused the grill plates for a few minutes. The steam will loosen the grip of grime and debris and perhaps even remove them from the surface of the grill plates.

After a while:
  1. Remove the grill plates from the water and use wet paper towels to gently scrub the dishes.
  2. Use the damp sponge to clean the drip tray as well.
  3. Remove any noticeable debris before placing it back into the grill. If needed, you can set the George Foreman grills and the drip tray into the dishwasher for holistic cleansing.
  4. Once you are done cleaning the plates and the tray, use a soft towel to dry the objects.
  5. Place the components back into the grill for safe and healthy grilling! You can also wrap the plates in aluminum foil to avoid cleaning them at short intervals.
This will ensure that you keep the grill in good condition without having to make efforts towards cleaning it often.

Cleaning an Indoor/Outdoor George Foreman Grill

Outdoors foreman grills are bulkier than either of the two kinds of grills mentioned above. However, cleaning this grill can be simple if you know what your doing. Whether your outdoor George Foreman grill has a non-stick surface or ceramic, both can be cleaned using soapy water. (2)

The first thing you need to do is, clean the dried grime from the surface of the grill using wet paper towels while it is still hot. You could begin cleaning right after you are done cooking. Once the foreman cools down, remove the grill from the stand of your foreman and clean it with a sponge and some soapy water. Finally, rinse it with cold water.

Ensure that the electrical connection does not get affected by the water; it could prove to be hazardous. You can use a garden hose to clean it. Since you will have a better handle on a hose, cleaning the grill using it would be easy. Ensure that the flow of the hose is low, and begin rinsing the foreman without touching the electrical connection with the water.

Once you are done, use soft towels to dry the equipment to contain the spread of water. Although the lid can be cleaned using a hose as well, we advise you to use a wet sponge instead of rinsing it directly with the water.

As for the drip tray, you can submerge the tray directly into a solution of soap and water. Allow it to remain submerged for a few minutes before removing it from the water. Rinse again with some fresh water and dry it using paper towels. This is the best way to clean your outdoor foreman. Repeat these steps once a week.

Cleaning a George Foreman Grill with Interchangeable Plates

When your foreman comes with interchangeable plates, cleaning each plate can be tricky. The reason is, such dishes could be different in texture and nature. This can make cleaning the plates using soapy water and a sponge difficult. But fret not; you can still find your way around it with reliable information. Grease or oil is said to be a dependable tool to prevent the food from sticking on the plate's surface.

Before you begin to cook food on your foreman, grease the plates with vegetable oil or melted butter. This will make removing the grime off of the plates easy when you get down to cleaning them. When you are done with the cooking, place the plates in soapy water for 60 minutes. If needed, put the plates inside a dishwasher for thorough cleansing.

Use a wet sponge to clean the exterior of the foreman. Other components of the grill can also be cleaned by hand using a wet sponge and some soapy water. Once you are done, dry all the components and place them back into the grill. Voila! You are all done!

A Few Grill Cleaning Tips

1) Grease the plates with vegetable oil or melted butter. Greasing the plates before you begin cleaning on them can provide a protective covering on the plates. This protective covering ensures that grime and debris do not get accumulated on the surface. Accumulated grime is very hard to clean. However, greasing the body will cut your work in half. 

2) Always unplug before you incept the cleaning protocol. If the instrument is not unplugged, the food particles which were hitherto raw will get cooked up and get stuck on the surface. This will make cleaning the food particles enormously tricky.

3) Wipe off the noticeable debris while the grill is still very hot. Once it becomes cold, the residue is likely to remain stuck on the surface until a considerable effort is invested in removing it. Do not remove the drip tray when you are wiping the non-removable plates. The cleaned off debris can fall right on the tray.

4) Do not use chemicals or wood cleaning solutions to clean the foreman grill. The market-sold chemicals can have adverse effects on the grill. The good old home-made soapy water can work like a charm if it is used in the correct way. Moreover, do not use metal tools to clean the grill. They can scratch off the coating of the device. You can use synthetic or plastic tongs to do the cleaning.

5) If your grill expels awful odor even after you clean it, you can add some lemon juice into the soapy solution to add some fragrance into the mix. You could also rub a slice of lemon on the surface of clean plates to get rid of the odor. Repeat this step every time you cook some fish recipes on your foreman. Those things can leave some nasty smells behind.

6) You can also make some spray-on cleaning solution for quick cleaning. To do this, add vinegar to some water and mix it with dish soap. Store this solution in a spray bottle. After each use of the foreman, spray the solution on the exterior, and use a sponge to remove noticeable debris and grime.


As long as you clean your George Foreman grill on a regular basis, you should have no problem with its maintenance. This article included virtually everything you must know about cleaning a George foreman. If optimum care is rendered, the grill will provide its services for a long time. This will eliminate the cost of replacing the grill. Follow the above-mentioned steps and tips, and nothing will stop you from keeping your George foreman in good condition.

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(1) aluminum foil
(2) ceramic

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