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How To Make A Grill Cover

Updated On August 20, 2021

Grill covers are essential tools in protecting your grill not only from dirt and dust but also from harsh weather conditions.

While buying a barbecue grill cover online is easy and convenient, there are times it's hard to find the one that fits perfectly on your grill. Unless you have a grill brand that the cover is specifically designed for, chances are, the grill cover is not going to be custom fit and may have some loose edges around your grill.

One option is to make a grill cover yourself that doesn't only protect your barbecue grill, but one that will also showcase your taste and even your own personality.  In this short article, we will show you how to make a DIY grill cover that is not only going to be fun and easy, it's also going to save you a good amount of money. 

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How To Make A Grill Cover
  • Fabric
  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Rope or paracord
Before you can start on your grill cover, the first thing you need to consider is the type of fabric that you will use.  You can actually use almost any type of material as a cover for a grill. However, if you want to have the kind of covers produced by best grill cover companies, the three most common are Polyester, Vinyl, and Canvas. (1, 2, 3)

Polyester may be the best grill cover material because of its versatility.  It's lightweight, very easy to clean, and can withstand almost all weather conditions. Vinyl, on the other hand, is known for its durability and is highly water-proof.   A canvas material which is usually the material used in tarp and awnings can also be used for the job.  

While it's not as popular with big grill brand cover makers, some people prefer it due to its durability and cheap cost.  It may not be the best among the three, but it's more than enough to keep your barbecue grill well protected.


How To Make A Grill Cover
Once you've determined the fabric you will use in your grill cover, the first step is to measure your grill.  The amount of fabric you will need depends on the size of your grill.  Get measuring tape and measure the height, width, and depth of your grill.

Measure the tallest portion of the back of your bbq grill, and the side from the front to the back running the tape along the angle of the top of your grill.  You will need to measure the width at the bottom and the height from the ground to where the width discrepancy is.  As an example, if your grill is 45 inches high and 34 inches wide, your fabric should be 90 inches long and 34 inches wide.  

Creating the Pattern

With the measurement of the height, width, and depth of the grill, you need to transfer them to paper that will be your pattern in making the cover grill.  You need to increase the size by at least an inch which will be used for the seam.  Some use cardboard or pieces of paper in tracing the lines of the grill which they find easier which gives basically the same result. 

Cutting Out the Pattern

Once you have made the pattern from the grill itself, it's time to lay the fabric whether you chose a polyester, a vinyl, or a canvas on a flat surface to make a DIY bbq cover grill.  Trace the patterns onto the fabric material by pinning or taping them.  Using a pair of scissors, it's now time to cut the patterns out of the cardboard or paper carefully tracing it onto the fabric.  

You will need three pieces of fabric to create a cover grill since most grills have a side table (some have 2) and the lid makes the shape of the grill uneven and requires most of the cover space.  Once you have patterned each of the fabric pieces from your bbq grill, you are now ready for sewing them together to make a bbq cover grill.  

Sewing the BBQ Cover

How To Make A Grill Cover
After the cut-out pattern is made, the next step is to join the pieces together to make a single cover by sewing them.  It's now time to sew the fabric which was patterned after the grill using a heavy-duty duty sewing machine.  You need to make the edges flush and pin them.  Using a heavy-duty sewing machine needle (usually used in thick materials such as denim), sew on a relatively straight line repeating it on the other side.   

Putting a Drawstring

A drawstring is sewn into the bottom of the cover using a rope or paracord.  Allow for a 1-inch seam allowance to insert a rope that will run all around the edges of the fabric which will form the base of the cover.  Create a drawstring casing. Thread your casing with the rope.  It should go around the whole area of the base of the fabric. You will find it useful to utilize a safety pin attached to the end of the rope.  This will make it easy to push the rope all throughout the casing. 

Once you're done threading the whole base of the fabric, you can add two plastic or wooden beads to the ends of each rope.  This will prevent the rope to slip and get lost inside the casing.   It will surely add a fancy touch to an otherwise boring rope ends protruding from your cover grill. 

Final Words

Now that you're done with a DIY grill cover for your outdoor cooking grill, you would have found out by now that it's a small project that requires little skill or expertise. Why pay a lot of money for outdoor grill covers that don't even firmly fit your backyard grill?  If you have the time and patience to make a nice fitting barbecue grill cover for cheap, then you will find it fun and satisfying to make your very own.

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