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steak: is it good or bad?

5 Ways: How to Tell if Steak is Bad

Updated On July 21, 2021

Are you wondering how to tell if a steak is past the point of no return? The answer is simple if you take into account the leading indicators of rotten meat. You should pay attention to each of these factors to avoid food poisoning or any other type of health problems. 
When it comes to determining if a steak is spoiled, you don't need any special equipment. A close look at each of the signs of a spoiled steak is more than enough. If someone needs to know if a steak is spoiled, they should only consider the following. This can be the best healthy way to be able to consume only a steak in good condition.

Step by Step Instructions

There are a set of simple aspects that anyone will be able to notice. These aspects will let you know if a steak has spoiled even if it was in the refrigerator. 

1. Check the "Best Before" Date

The expiration date is the first thing to take into consideration when checking the condition of the steak. This is an undeniable piece of information that many people sometimes forget.

The expiration date is not taken into consideration when the user keeps the steak in a freezer.The best-before date is extended due to the storage capacity of the freezer. The best-before date is taken into account as the buyer's deadline for purchasing the steak. This is the latest date by which the local butcher or grocery store can sell the steak.
best steak
Any grocery store should sell a steak only up to the expiration date. This is not done often, and the buyer should consider reading the "best by" date on the steak. This is a better idea compared to blindly trusting the salesperson at the local butcher or grocery store. (1)

A best-before date or expiration date is often incorporated, indicating the last day the steak can be consumed. The buyer should freeze or cook the steak in time before it spoils.

The "use by" date is as essential as the expiration date of the food. A person could suffer from food poisoning if the buyer has purchased a spoiled steak.This is considered sufficient time for the steak to thaw and be safely consumed, though one question you might ask, is blue-steak safe?. Checking the expiration date is only the first step in this list.

2. Prolonged Storage in the Refrigerator

Sometimes it is difficult to remember when steaks entered your refrigerator. To avoid losing track, some people add the date near the steak stored in the fridge. This can also apply when the steak is stored for a long time in the freezer.
steak: bad and good
A steak has a life expectancy of 3 to 5 days in the refrigerator. The steak will start to spoil even though it is in the fridge. It should be taken into consideration that a refrigerator only slows down the process of food spoilage. This is the same thing that the freezer does, although, in this situation, the delay is much longer.

3. Analyze by Touch or Sight

A steak that is no longer in good condition will have a fragile, slimy surface film. This is a surface film that can be felt by touch or looks light or yellowish. Even the surface of the steak may feel much shinier than usual.
spoiled steak
The steak will feel too sticky or slippery on the fingers. Before the steak begins to mold, this slimy film will begin to be produced. This slimy film is the layer of bacteria that is forming and feeding on the meat.

It won't be long before bacteria, and mold spots appear. If this is the case, then the steak should be thrown away. Sometimes the color of the steak will be similar to tuna. Buying a new steak is the only solution in this situation.

4. Strong Odor

It is effortless to tell the difference between the fresh smell and the strong smell of a bad steak. An aroma with some ammonia will be notified when it is a raw steak in bad condition. Anyone will be able to tell the difference because a bad steak produces an unpleasant odor.
steak's strong odor
A steak that is raw but fresh does not have this type of odor. This odor is not always present in any cut of steak. If you do not detect this value, he should consider analyzing the steak with the other signs we have mentioned.

5. Steak Without Juice and Completely Dry

A steak that is completely dry and without juice could also be a clear symptom of a steak that has gone bad. This is not the definitive sign that a steak is still edible. It should be considered since a steak without juice and completely dry will not be very pleasant to eat either.
dry steak
The cold of the freezer or refrigerator is more than enough to dry out any steak. People prefer to use vacuum-sealed packages when it comes to storing meat. It is also possible to prevent the meat from being exposed to bacteria and other factors detrimental to health. (2)

Wrapping Up

These five symptoms or factors are essential to detect if a steak is in bad condition. It may be necessary to consider more than one of these factors when analyzing any steak. Most of them may not be enough to determine if a steak is healthy.

It is advisable to have appropriately cleaned cooking utensils. Sometimes a dirty or bacterial cooking utensil can contaminate a good steak. Checking each of these aspects and taking the necessary measures will prevent anyone in the family from suffering from food poisoning. 
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