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napolean rogue 425

Napoleon Rogue 425 Review

Updated On November 3, 2022

Even though Napoleon might not be the first name that springs to mind when you’re looking at getting a new grill for your backyard, they certainly have some really good products. One of them is the Napoleon Rogue 425, a propane gas grill that’s made really well and has the Weber Genesis as its main competitor.

However, while Weber do have some things going for them, there’s no denying that the Rogue 425 is definitely a viable competitor, and one you should strongly consider. If you’ve been thinking about getting a grill in this price range, let’s take a closer look at the Napoleon Rogue 425 and hopefully help you make up your mind.

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Introduced in 2016, the Rogue series is meant to be a more budget friendly variant that in some ways compares to the Prestige line by Napoleon, which is quite a bit more expensive. As written in the name, the primary grilling space of the Rogue 425 is, you guessed it, 425 square inches. 
When it comes to the features, the Rogue 425 is actually rather well made. You get Napoleon’s electric Jetfire ignition system that quite frankly, works really well. The startup is fast and reliable, because you’re looking at a small gas jet that’s basically ignited by a spark and shoots the flame over the burners. If you’re looking for good control over your grill, you’ll love the Napoleon's, because this system starts each burner individually. 

You will also love the Napoleon's side storage shelves, as well as the included inside storage compartment that lets you keep all your BBQ accessories handy. Now when you’re organizing a backyard party, you have everything in one place. The side shelves are made of stainless steel, and they’re easily foldable when you don’t need them and would rather have them disappear. (1)

The Build Quality Is Excellent!

One area where the competition (Weber, most notably) usually excels is when you’re looking at the build quality. And seeing as this is Napoleon’s budget option, we couldn’t blame you if you thought that build quality is an area where you should be expecting compromises. However, we’re happy to report that is not the case.

The entire thing is built really, really well. There’s stainless steel everywhere, and we have absolutely no complaints about how everything is assembled. We’re pretty confident that the grill is going to last you a good while, so if you aren’t in the habit of replacing yours every two or three years, you’ll love it. 
napolean rogue 425

What About The Key Part?

Of course, as with any other grill, you should be most interested in how it performs and whether or not it lives up to its promises. Even though some might be disappointed with the heat output and total cooking area, we’re not.

The Napoleon's cooking system itself works really, really well. You get reversible grill grates that are heavy and very efficient when your intention is to transfer heat to your food and get some pretty intense searing. And by intense searing, we’re talking about 1800F, steakhouse-style. The fact that they’re porcelain coated and come in a wave pattern only helps with the heat contact and adds to the excellent results we got from the grill.


Now, this might be an unexpected one, because few other competitors actually offer this as a feature. But with the Napoleon Rogue 425, you can get a charcoal basket, and effectively turn this into a charcoal grill instead of a propane gas one.

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Yes, this is an additional investment, sure. But you’re basically getting two grills with different power sources, for a very reasonable price. If this is something you think you could make use of, the Napoleon Rogue 425 should definitely be the one you go for.

What Competition Does It Have?

Even though it has a lot going for it, at this price range the Napoleon Rogue 425 does have quite a lot of competitors. Some of the main ones are Weber’s Spirit series, Weber’s Genesis series, as well as some of Napoleon’s own products, such as the Rogue 525, Lex 485, and some of the more expensive, Prestige series grills. So, how does it stack up? 

Versus Weber

On the topic Weber vs Napoleon, its quite the rivalry. The Spirit and Genesis series are the more budget oriented lineups, where the Spirit is the more wallet-friendly of the two. Given that, we can comfortably say that the Rogue 425 is better than the Spirit series. The reason is simple – the Rogue 425 comes with four total burners, while the Spirit range tops out at three in its higher priced models.

On the other hand, the Genesis series does come with a couple of four-burner models. However, even despite Weber’s reputation and excellent warranty, those four-burner models come with a hefty price premium over the Rogue 425 we’re looking at. And while for some that might not be an issue, the Napoleon Rogue 425 is meant to cater to those who would rather avoid a dent in their wallet, still making it a better pick.

Versus Napoleon

Yes, the Rogue 425 faces competition from its own manufacturer, too. The most notable competitors are the Rogue 525, as well as the Lex 485. Now, the Rogue 525 is the larger variant of the 425. As the name suggests, it comes with a larger total cooking area, which might be an attractive prospect for some. On the other hand, it also comes with a hefty price increase over the 425, and at that price point, you already have a much more fierce competition.

The Lex 485 is probably the closest thing to real competition the Rogue 425 has. It comes with a total of six burners and a 74,000 BTU total heat output, along with a few other features that make it pretty attractive. However, that’s also a lot of propane gas being consumed, something you might not want if you’re only using this as a casual grill. And then there’s the price difference – the Lex 485 is more expensive than the Rogue 425. 

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Is It Worth It?

Even though it’s not without its shortcomings, the Napoleon Rogue 425 is definitely a grill that’s worth getting. It’s very versatile because you can turn it into a charcoal grill rather easily, it does a great job when it comes to performance, and its priced very competitively, especially if you compare it to most of its competition. If that sounds like a combination you’d be interested in, by all means go for the Napoleon. 


(1) Stainless steel -

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