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Weber Spirit e-330 Review

Updated On November 3, 2022

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For every household appliance that we buy, we always search for products that are worth the money that we pay.

When it comes to gas grills, we want one that produces great food and will last for many years.

In this review, we will find out why the Weber Spirit e-330 is a gas grill worth its price, and what makes it a great product. You may want to check here the best weber grill this year.

The Weber e-330  gas grill comes from Weber's Spirit line series which boasts of great design and features.  It is made with porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates that are heavy-duty, durable, and built well.  Porcelain allows heat to be evenly distributed and retained much better, resulting in the best tasting foods.
Weber Spirit e-330
In choosing a quality grill, one of the most important things to look for is the build quality.  Is it made to last for years, or is it built to last one or two summers only?    Weber is a company that is known for grills that last, and that reputation made them one of the leaders in making the best barbecue grills.

The Weber e-330  gas grill comes from Weber's Spirit line series which boasts of great design and features.  It is made with porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates that are heavy-duty, durable, and built well.  Porcelain allows heat to be evenly distributed and retained much better, resulting in the best tasting foods. (1)

The heavy-duty, porcelain-enameled lid, and cook box also provide superior heat retention.  With the quality of the porcelain and stainless steel used, the Weber Spirit  e-330 will not easily peel, chip, or rust over time. The lid has a built-in thermometer for easy monitoring of the food temperature, which gives you the convenience of adjusting the heat. As most barbecue purists would say, grills without thermometers on their lids are like cars without headlights, it's going to be a hit-and-miss driving - or cooking.

Three stainless steel burners heat up the 424 square inches primary cooking area, a size that is ideal for a small to medium-sized family.  Whether you fancy cooking burgers, steaks, chops, sausages, pizza, or veggies, this Weber grill will make cooking all these super easy.

Firing up the three burners is easy with its electronic crossover ignition system.  It's very reliable and it ensures a lightning-fast start for all the burners every single time.  Only one AA size battery is needed to power the igniter that does the job.

A removable stainless steel warming rack, on top of the cooking space, is great for keeping your food warm prior to serving. Toast buns or put your freshly cooked food on it to keep them warm prior to serving. Combined with the 424 square inches primary cooking area, the warming rack provides a total of 529 square inches of prime real estate of grill space.

Serving 10-12 people at one time using this Weber grill is easy and should not be a problem at all. Whether you take it for camping, tailgating, or to a picnic, the two large wheels guarantee easy mobility and portability. The Weber e-330 is a stainless steel portable gas grill that you can bring with you almost anywhere.  And when you're ready to barbecue or grill, the two swivel locking casters provide good support and stability.

Sear Station

Weber Spirit e-330
If you're the type who wants a steakhouse quality of steak from the comfort of your home, then this Weber Spirit e-330 grill can make it happen.  With a sear station that creates an intense heat zone, it will only take minutes to get that crust on the outside of your steak, while sealing all the mouth-watering juices of the meat inside. And with the flavorizer bars which are great features of this grill, you can smell all the aroma and flavor of your perfect steak!

The sear burner is located between two stainless steel burners.  With its 7500 BTU power output, what it does is add to the heat generated by the main burners. While infrared burners may produce more BTU ideal for searing, the intense heat generated by the sear burner's BTU combined with the two main burners is more than enough. (2)

The total heat of the three burners including the sear burner sears meat quickly and efficiently.  This is what makes steakhouse-quality steaks possible with this grill. There's nothing better than seeing all those sear marks on your steak made possible with the heavy-duty cast iron of your Weber e-330.

Some people purchase grills just to be able to sear their steaks. If searing steaks or other meats is something that you enjoy, the Weber Spirit e-330's sear burner, with its high BTU output is sure to please you. You may soon find yourself writing your own Amazon review to add to the glowing reviews of other satisfied Amazon customers who purchased their Weber Spirit e-330.  

Side Burner

Weber Spirit e-330
Not all gas grills in the Weber e-330 price range feature a side burner.  But you can be sure that once you use it to simmer a barbecue sauce or sautee some veggies while grilling your steak or burgers, you will be glad that Weber put a side burner in this gas grill.

It also comes in handy when you need to cook or fry fish and avoid the smell that will linger inside your kitchen. In case you don't need to use it, you can make it as a prepping side shelf by putting its metal lid cover down. It's a lot of extra space to put those seasoning bottles or small plates if the other shelf on the opposite side is full.

If you think that the side burner is just an afterthought for a great-looking gas grill, the 12,000 BTU cooking power output should convince you that this added feature is an integral part of the Weber Spirit e-330.    If it's your first time to have a grill with this feature, there's a great chance that you will also like it after finding it functional and convenient.  Other grills have a side shelf, while this grill has a side burner and a side shelf on that same space. 

Flavorizer Bars

As we've mentioned earlier, one cool feature on the Weber Spirit e-330 is the flavorizer bars situated just below the cooking area.  It catches all the drippings when grilling your favorite foods. Once the drippings touch them, it's instantly vaporized and then directs the vapors back to the foods, adding more flavor to them.

If you think a gas grill is not capable of producing a smoky flavor in meat which charcoal grills are known for, then you need to try this Weber Spirit gas grill and find out. It's like having the convenience of a gas grill and getting the flavor that charcoal grills provide.

While the flavorizer bar's main design is to vaporize drippings and send the smoke back to the food, it also performs other important functions. It also helps in reducing flare-ups and makes sure that heat is evenly distributed throughout the grill. Now, that's a smokin' hot dual function of the flavorizer bars, don't you think?   

Grease Management System

Weber Spirit e-330
One of the common complaints of grill owners is the lack of a grease management system of their grills. You may have the great looking grills with 5-star features, but if it barely gets 2 or 3 stars when it comes to cleaning it up, it affects the overall performance of these grills.

That's where the Spirit line series of Weber shines. The Weber e-330 offers a grease management system that makes it easy to clean your grill after every use.

The drippings that escape the flavorizer bars are directed away from the burner tubes, into the grease management system. It's a system that Weber has incorporated for most of its grill products for hassle-free cleaning. The meat bits and juices not vaporized are caught by the grease tray which angles them into the catch pan.

Both the tray and the catch pan are easily removable for cleaning. The catch pan can be discarded to be replaced with another one, or you can line it with aluminum foil for multiple uses. The burner tubes can also be cleaned easily with the use of a simple stainless steel grill brush. You can access the removable grease pan/tray by opening the door of the built-in cabinet and remove the tray for quick disposal and cleaning.  

Storage Cabinet

Weber Spirit e-330
The single door storage cabinet holds the 20-lb. propane gas.  It has a built-in fuel gauge that estimates the remaining fuel by the weight of the tank.   It has enough space to keep your grill tools and accessories aside from the propane tank unit.   While it adds to the good looks of the Weber e-330, the cabinet also hides the propane gas from view which some grill owners appreciate.  


Good products always come with a warranty, and Weber is a barbecue grill company that believes in the quality of all their grills. This is the reason why the warranty offered on their grills is above industry standards.   Below are the years of warranty for the different parts of the Weber e-330: 
  • Cook box, stainless steel burner tubes, and Lid assembly 10 years, no rust through/burn through (2 years paint excluding fading or discoloration)
  • Stainless steel cooking grates and flavorizer bars, 5 years, no rust through/burn through
  • Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates 5 years, no rust through/burn through
  • Large cooking surface with a total of 529 square inches
  • Highly durable, heavy-duty porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates 
  • Three stainless steel burners with a total of 32,000 BTU output rating
  • Sear station capable of producing steakhouse quality steaks
  • Stainless steel side burner with 12,000 BTU cooking power output
  • Flavorizer bars that reduce flare-ups and add smoke flavors to food
  • Built-in lid thermometer for easy monitoring
  • Grease management system for easy cleaning
  • Reliable and fast electronic crossover ignition system
  • Great warranty that covers all major parts
  • Storage cabinet that houses the propane tank
  • Rotisserie kit not included with the unit 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fold down the side burner? 

No.  Both the side burner and the side shelf on the opposite side are fixed and cannot be folded down. 

What's the difference between this model and the Weber Spirit 310 which looks the same and costs less? 

The Weber Spirit e-310 also has three burners, but it does not have a sear station and a side burner.  

How high does the temperature reach when all the burners including the sear burner are in use? 

With all the burners engaged including the sear burner, temperatures can reach up to 600 degrees. 

Does this product come with a Rotisserie Kit? 

No. It's sold separately with the grill. 

Can I use natural gas on this grill instead of propane gas?

No. This only works with propane gas. You may convert it but it will void the warranty, and it's advisable to consult with a professional for the conversion for safety. 

Weber Spirit e-330


With so many grills to choose from, we oftentimes get overwhelmed with different gas grills that we find it hard to pull the trigger. Nobody wants to buy a brand new product that becomes a source of stress, or worse, a buyer's remorse.

The Weber Spirit e-330 gas grill is not cheap but it's not expensive either. There are more expensive grills in the market but the e-330 can easily beat most of them in terms of built design, features, and built quality. In fact, some grills don't even have a side burner or a sear burner, and yet they are well within the price range or even above the Weber Spirit e-330.

With so many positive reviews on Amazon and other websites, the e-330 is a grill that makes the Weber Spirit Series line proud. You can easily find 4-5 stars rating reviews in Amazon for this model.  At its price range, the size of its cooking space, the porcelain material used for the grates, the side burner, plus a lot of other features that we have mentioned in this review, are enough to please even the most discriminating grill owners. It's hard not to like this grill.

Are there better gas grills than the e-330? Of course, and we don't need to look far. The Weber Genesis e 330, which is similar in size, is slightly better in terms of the materials used. But prepare to shell out a couple of hundred dollars more for the Genesis. However, in terms of features, the Spirit e-330 can hold its own against the Genesis e-330 model, or even with other company brands.

Whether you're looking to replace an old grill with a new one, or it's the first-ever grill you want to put in your backyard,  the Weber Spirit e-330 is a grill that may just be right for you.  

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(2) BTU -

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